HG-Supplies is an engineering company established in The Netherlands in 2021, providing high quality services for multiple engineering applications.

While being a Dutch-based company, we have partners in Southeast Asia backed by highly qualified engineers.

The company delivers integrated and project-based support that your company may need any time, with its expertise in all alloy and non-alloy steels and most plastics.

Our experts can create, modify or improve technical drawings and other deliverables at the highest standards, with confidentiality upon discretion.

About the owner

I am Jim Vergeer, a self-employed engineer who has spent years honing my knowledge and skills.

Growing up in a household that is engaged in the agricultural and construction sectors, I was exposed to a solid work ethic from a young age.

I began working on Saturdays at a metal firm in the city at the age of 14 years, and over the twelve years spent working there, I helped to contribute to its growth and development. I was particularly interested in the cutting operations. Given they had 4 lasers, 1 tube laser, and 1 waterjet in the cutting department, that’s where I spent most of my time. After I succeeded in various positions, I decided that it was time for something new and more complex.

I resign from my leading position to see what the world has to offer. Africa was the first visit, followed by Asia and then Australia where I started working with large industrial machines. Since, I have always had an interest in the technical sector.

After spending many months across Australia’s outback, I began considering my next course of action and my future ambitions.

I would always question myself, “What do I truly like?,” and would always answer, “The engineering aspect of metal fabrication.” This is what led me to where I am today, helping manufacturing companies reach new heights of success. I am confident that I will grow smoothly and steadily over the coming years, and will be able to guide an accomplished team into a prosperous business that stands by its partners and customers.

Doing the best you can for yourself, but more importantly for the business or organization so that everyone involved can gain from it, has always been my guiding principle. Anyone working alone won’t be able to do as much as a team having a clear vision and mission, working towards their shared goal.

HG Supplies specializes in delivering a fully-integrated support. Our team can give you the right amount of support when needed.

Nowadays, clients expect their goods and services to be there in a snap of a finger. We like to open up the discussion with our clients to see where we can best support you.

We can step in and help you flatten your workload curve. Free up your highly qualified engineers by outsourcing some tasks to us and let us assist you so your in-house engineers can focus on the next.

Mechanical processes tend to get mixed up in the busy operations of workshops, so work preparation is what we offer. HG Supplies can assist clients on the preparation of the fabrication of their parts & products.

We neatly arrange drawings with their corresponding process in a compilation typically in an excel overview, and also have your dxf files created as necessary.

We neatly arrange drawings with their corresponding process in a compilation typically in an excel overview, and also have your dxf files created as necessary.

After the work preparation, you will be able to quickly analyze how long and how much production is likely to be. From 2D cutting to drilling, tapping, milling to bending, welding, assembly we provide the total package from A to Production.

Aside from that, you can also choose to have one of our engineers to help ensure your product is well-designed.

It is always ideal to have extra pairs of eyes and minds to avoid prolonged lead times and increased product costs due to overlooked design errors.

If some drawings need to be refiled from 2D into 3D we can always assist you, even vice versa (3D into 2D drawings).

With the help of our draftsmen, using common software like AutoCAD and Inventor, we prepare all your latest design in DWG / DXF / STEP / PDF Files with a matching overview in Excel.

Then, if you want your latest design to shine, we can help you to render your files so you can proudly present your latest design to your customers.

Updating a product design is a tedious process. Even a single detail revision might result to a lot of man-hours wasted on updating relevant documents & drawings. Knowing this, we are more than capable to provide support with the help of the keen eyes of our engineers.

We can also ensure that your products are up to international code and
standards, as necessary.

If revision is needed but you don’t have time to consolidate the changes
required, we can handle feedback from your client or production team and
translate to a technical solution to revise the current design.

Unit conversion, changing from European to American projection, creating
exploded views, assembly drawings, drawing notes & instructions, among many
other tasks, we make sure your drawings can be easily interpreted.

Performance Tools & Software’s

HG-Supplies talented team utilizes and can provide technical support in using performance tools & software’s

Software’s we master:
  • AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Solidworks
  • Omax Layout
  • Ridder iQ
  • Profile
  • Wicam
  • Simply Calculate
  • Catia v5
  • Cadmeister
  • Ansys Fluent/Mechanical
  • AMADA Software
  • PTC Creo
Regulations we comply with:
  • API 6A
  • API 6D
  • ASME B16.5
  • ASME B16.47
  • ANSI/MSS-SP-44
  • AWS D1.1
  • AWS B2.1
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 2768
  • ISO 8062
  • MS Teams

Vision statement: We are happy to contribute to the use of everyone’s internal strength so that companies can continue to focus on their core competencies. Overtime we like to expand in a steady growth phase by hiring more engineers to improve our sophisticated knowledge.

Mission statement: We are committed to provide engineer’s and technical solutions that are responsive to our clients so they can increase their quality and productivity. Above all we ensure to protect client data confidentiality.